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Save Money Buying Surgical Equipment

Every small business seeks to cut costs wherever you can and Florida Surgery Centers, Orthopedic Centers, Ambulatory Care Centers, Urgent Care Centers and other Florida medical facilities are no different.  They are often forced to use equipment that they would love to replace but think they cannot afford to do so.  1st Place Medical works with many Florida medical facilities to help them get the best possible surgical equipment at the best possible prices.

How Does 1st Place Medical Offer Affordable Medical Equipment?

We get our inventory from major hospitals throughout the United States that have turned this equipment in to purchase newer equipment. The equipment they turn in has been professionally maintained by the hospital’s manufacturer-trained Biomed Tech staff and is perfect for medical facilities that would like to have hospital-grade endoscopy equipment without paying hospital-grade prices.

Each piece of equipment received by 1st Place Medical is extensively tested for functionality and must pass all tests before being placed in our inventory.

Our surgical equipment inventory includes:

  • Surgical Instruments
  • Electrosurgical Generators
  • Electrosurgical Smoke Evacuators
  • Tourniquet Systems
  • General Surgical Equipment
  • Surgical Consumables

1st Place Medical cares about saving your Florida medical facility money while ensuring you get the equipment you need to best serve your patients.  There is a delicate but achievable balance between quality and savings and we specialize in finding that balance for our customers.

We have a ever-growing inventory of equipment in our Florida medical warehouse and we also have inventory in Cleveland, OH so if you need it and we don’t have it immediately available, there’s a good chance we can get it to you fast…even overnighted in many cases.

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Florida surgery equipment at the best price

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