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What To Look For When Buying Used Patient Monitors

Patient Monitors that enable doctors to electronically monitor patient vitals have been around since the 1950s.  As technology has progressed, the capabilities of patient monitors has increased.  With each new version of patient monitor, the previous version becomes available to smaller medical facilities that may not have the budget to buy the latest and greatest.  These previous versions often have all the functionality a smaller medical facility will need while being much more affordable.  As is true of all used/refurbished equipment, there are factors to consider prior to making a purchase.

How much is the newer model? Chances are of the manufacture of the monitor you’re considering mine has come out with at least one newer model. How much more does that normally cost and does the additional expense provide functionality you could use? If the price difference is negligible, then obviously you should aim for the newer system.

Accessory Cables: make sure you put the time into checking on availability of replacement cables for the manager. You may find that the manager you bought is in perfect condition but the manufacture no longer makes the cables that are needed to use it.

Power Cords: this is an often overlooked item. Many monitors use the standard three prong power cord coming to most computers. But some use external power sources. And sometimes the power sources are unique to the manufacture or even the model of minor. If the manager you were thinking of buying requires a specific external power supply, make sure it is included and warranted with the monitor.

Monitor Screens: While ensuring monitor clarity is obvious, there are other important factors to consider. One thing that is often overlooked until it was too late to do something about it is touchscreen functionality. Make sure the seller guarantees that there are no dead spots in the touchscreen.

Batteries:  If the monitor you’re considering buying uses batteries, you should definitely look into the availability of replacement batteries. Even if the battery seems to be working when you buy the monitor, you have no way of knowing how long it will last.

Documentation:  Before buying a Patient Monitor, always make sure you have access to the User Manual (preferably in PDF Format).

Models of Patient Monitors commonly sold by 1st Place Medical include.

  • GE Dash.
  • Datascope Passport
  • Datascope Passport XG
  • Philips MP70 Patient Ready Monitor
  • Philips MP50 Patient Ready Monitor
  • DINAMAP Pro 400V2 Vital Signs Patient Monitor
  • MARQUETTE Eagle 3000 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
  • ATEX-OHMEDA Cardiocap 5 Patient Monitor
  • Infinium Omni II patient monitor
  • Physiometrix SedLine 5100 Patient Monitor
  • MDE ESCORT PRISM 20403 Multi-Parameter Color Monitor
  • Hewlett Packard M1275A Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
  • WELCH ALLYN Patient Monitors
  • WELCH ALLYN 530TO Vital Signs
  • WELCH ALLYN Propaq CS Multi-Parameter Vital signs
  • CRITIKON DINAMAP 8100 Vital Signs Patient Monitor
  • PHILIPS HP Viridia 24/26, M1204A Patient Monitor
  • MASIMO Rad-87 Pulse Oximeter/Patient Monitor
  • MASIMO Radical 7 & Radical 8
  • Datex-Ohmeda 3900 Patient Monitor
  • PHILIPS M3 M3046A ICU / CCU Color Monitor
  • PHILIPS SureSigns VSi Vital Signs Patient Monitor
  • GE MARQUETTE / COROMETRICS Solar 8000 Patient Monitor
  • AGILENT A1 Portable Patient Bedside Monitor*We also offer associated patient monitor cables and other accessories to include patient monitor stands and module racks. We also offer monitor wall mounts.
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The great thing about how fast the manufacturers produce new models of Patient Monitors is that the model you would love to have had three years ago but couldn’t afford is very likely available to you now at a very affordable price.

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