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Article: Buying Used and Refurbished Endoscopy Equipment

There are several factors that need to be considered when buying used and refurbished endoscopy equipment in South Florida. There are obvious questions regarding equipment functionality and features that you might be concentrating on so much that you ignore some equally important but less obvious questions.

  1.  Consumables Accessories:  Does the equipment you’re looking for use consumables that are not manufactured anymore?  How hard is it to find associated cables and other accessories?
  2. What is the price difference in any newer model?
  3. FDA Recalls:  There are times when a specific model has been recalled or had an FDA advisory issued that may make the piece of used endoscopy equipment you are considering a very bad purchase.  It may even open you up to liability!  A reputable used medical equipment company should have already done the legwork for you and shouldn’t even be trying to sell that type of equipment but this is South Florida and you always have to protect yourself and your company.

If you are looking for affordable used endoscopy equipment for your medical facility and think you’ve found a great deal, it is important to make sure you consider the items identified above.  There may be a very good reason you are getting a good deal.  If the manufacturer no longer makes consumables or accessories needed to use the equipment or if it’s being sold because it’s been recalled, then you can save yourself time, money and frustration by asking these questions before you buy.

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