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Product Focus: Alaris IVAC 7200 Gold Series Dual Channel Infusion Pump

The IVAC Signature Edition Infusion System includes the Model 7200 Volumetric Infusion Pump and AccuSLIDE Flow Regulator administration sets.  The 7200 dual channel provides a full range of features in a small, easy to-use, linear peristaltic pump.  This is a large volume pump with resistance monitoring mode and adjustable pressure capability. This infusion pump is intended for use in today’s growing professional healthcare environment, including healthcare facilities, home care, and medical transport that utilize infusion pumps for the delivery of fluids, medications, blood, and blood products. The dual channel pump is a two-channel device intended to deliver multiple infusions to a single patient.


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 Part Number
FP-7130 7130 pump (patient-ready)
FP-72307230 pump (patient-ready)
141371AC/DC Power Switcher Assy.
141734-100AIL Arm
136656AIL Gear
136836AIL Receiver Button
139930Battery Cable Interface
136777Battery Door
141496-100Case, Front w/keypad (single channel)
141498-100 Case, Front w/keypad (double channel)
144375Case, Rear w/keypad (single channel)
144376 Case, Rear w/keypad (double channel)
136761Handle Cap (single channel)
136762Handle Cap (double channel)
141004LED Module
142475Lower LCD Module
IV7100MMain Board Assy. 7100 Revision 2.79
IV7200MMain Board Assy. 7200 Revision 2.79
IV7130M-279Main Board Assy. 7130 Revision 2.79
IV7230M-279Main Board Assy. 7230 Revision 2.79
IV7130M-454Main Board Assy. 7130 Revision 4.54
IV7230M-454Main Board Assy. 7230 Revision 4.54
142850Main LCD Module
141468Mechanism Assembly (No Exchange)
144334Pole Clamp Assembly
140380Pole Clamp Knob
140444-000Power Cord Holder
147949-100Power Cord Strap
142758Power Cord Universal 10′ – NEW
136999Pump Latch
142858RS-232 Nurse Call Board Assy
142858Serial Port Board
TC10005394Speaker Assembly
140408-100Spring Release Switch, lock clamp

Models of the Alaris Signature Infusion Pump include:

Signature 7100
Signature 7130
Signature 7200​
Signature 7230

Manuals for Alaris Signature series:

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