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SPECIAL SALE: Abbott Cell-Dyn Emerald Hematology System, Rev P

We have multiple Abbott Cell-Dyn Emerald Hematology Analyzer Systems available.  Each is Revision P.  Each includes a small kit with extra parts commonly needed for the continued use of the system.  You will need to purchase reagent and a printer to use this system.   No reagent is included in the sale and no printer is included. During testing, we hit OK to all those and it powered up fine. The touch screen works great and has no dead spots.


The CELLDYN Emerald System is a compact automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in physician office or small volume clinical use.

Abbott Cell-Dyn Emerald Hematology System

Sales Policies:

All of our items for sale must be recertified, recalibrated, and properly tested by the buyer before any type of use. Unless otherwise stated in the description, nothing other than what is pictured is included in the purchase.


Regardless of the origin of the equipment, documentation provided or identification appearing upon the equipment, the equipment described and offered here is in no way certified for, recommended for, or offered for any specific use.  The purchaser agrees that the seller shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages, whether incidental or consequential, associated in any way with the equipment.  The purchaser, by bidding on this equipment, indicates their acknowledgment of, and agreement to the terms of this disclaimer.


“The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item.”

Medical Equipment Policy

We DO NOT test or certify the equipment being sold for patient use. It is up to the purchaser to meet all requirements and regulation certification processes that deemed necessary per FDA or any other regulatory agencies that may be applicable.  If you purchase medical, laboratory or any equipment that will be for PATIENT use, it is the BUYERS responsibility to have the equipment certified, tested or inspected prior to patient use. No exceptions.

By purchasing an item you agree to the following:  We (Seller) do not state or imply the usage of the item being sold.  Prior to using the item individually or on a patient, you (Buyer) will seek if applicable the manufacture or your personal/medical care/health care provider for full details on proper usage of the item, instruction for fitting and wearing of an item if applicable, maintenance/operations, care of item or any regulatory requirements for the item.  You (Buyer) of the item agree to use this product at his own risk and agree to hold harmless seller, and release owners, from any damage/liability he may incur due to the use of the item. 


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