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ASP Sterrad NX Sterilizer For Sale

One of the best compact low temperature sterilizers in the industry, the ASP Sterrad NX Sterilizer is ideal for use anywhere in the hospital/medical facility. 1st Place Medical has the following used ASP Sterrad NX Sterilizer available for sale at our South Florida location. It came from a Surgical Center that recently closed down. It is in excellent condition and has been maintained by ASP.

1stPlaceMedical.com has the following ASP Sterrad NX Sterilizer for sale:

Sterrad NX Serilizer For Sale

Sterrad NX Serilizer For Sale FloridaSterrad NX Serilizer For Sale FloridaSterrad NX Serilizer For Sale Sterrad NX Serilizer For Sale

As you can see from this image above, the Sterilizer has been maintained by ASP and isn’t even due for a PM yet. 

ASP Sterrad NX Sterilizer Features:

  • Two tiered 30 liter chamber and two cycle options for increased productivity:
    • 28-minute Standard cycle for most surgical instruments
    • 38-minute Advanced cycle for single-channel flexible endoscopes
  • Space-efficient STERRAD® NX® System can be easily cart-mounted and moved where needed
  • Provides terminally sterile, packaged instruments thereby eliminating the need to compromise with liquid biocides

The rapid 28-minute Standard cycle time combined with the dry gentle sterilization process make the compact STERRAD® NX® the ideal choice for medical device sterilization in every department where rapid instrument turnaround is crucial. STERRAD® NX® raises the standard of care by providing terminally sterile, packaged instruments at hand when you need them.

  • As all other STERRAD® systems, STERRAD® NX® is safe for healthcare professionals, patients, instruments and environments. The process by-products are non-toxic oxygen and water vapour. Requires a simple, standard electrical outlet, which combined with its compact size allows for maximum mobility. No special heat boosters, plumbing, aeration, or ventilation required
  • Includes innovative software that allows heightened security, networking, and diagnostic abilities

Consult the STERRAD® Sterility Guide, www.sterradsterilityguide.com, refer to the STERRAD® Sterilization System User’s Guide or contact medical device manufacturer for the detailed processing information.

Used ASP Sterrad NX Sterilizer

Typical devices sterilized in Sterrad NX:

• Cranial pressure transducer cables
• Cryoprobes
• Defibrillator paddles
• Dopplers
• Electrocautery instruments
• Endoscopic instruments
• Esophageal dilators
• Fiberoptic light cables
• Laryngoscope blades
• Laser handpieces, fibers, and accessories
• Metal instruments
• Ophthalmic lenses (diagnostic, magnifying)
• Patient lead cables
• Pigmentation handpieces
• Radiation therapy equipment
• Resectoscope/working elements and sheaths
• Rigid endoscopes
• Shaver handpieces
• Single-channel flexible endoscopes
• Stereotactic equipment and batteries
• Trocar sheaths
• Ultrasound probes
• Video cameras and couplers

STERRAD® NX® System Specifications

Technical Specifications

Total Cycle Time 28/38 minutes
Standard/Advanced cycles
Cycle   Temperature Less than 55°C
System only System with cart
83.4 cm 
55.9 cm 
80.6 cm
157.7 cm
60.9 cm 88.8 cm
Weight 125 kg 187 kg
Sterilization Chamber Configuration Rectangular
Total Chamber Volume 51.3 L
Usable Chamber Volume 30 L
Two-Tiered Shelf 31.2 cm x 59.9 cm (WxD)
Placement Countertop or cart-mounted for mobility
Connections Single phase dedicated circuit with dedicated hot and neutral wires. Wire gauge sufficient to maintain 220–240 VA C w/ 10 amp continuous & 20 amp momentary current.*


*The STERRAD® NX® Sterilizer has a vacuum pump which will cause the sterilizer to draw up to 20 amps of current for 1 to 2 seconds when the pump starts. If the wire gauge is too small, when the vacuum pump starts the line voltage at the outlet will drop to a level which can cause the sterilizer to reboot. Have the electrician use a voltage drop calculator to ensure the line voltage at the outlet does not drop below 198 Volts AC during the 1 to 2 seconds of 20 amps current draw.

Service Requirements In operation, the STERRAD® NX® System should not be placed closer than 25 mm to a wall at the rear. The sterilizer should be installed in a space of sufficient size to permit access to all 4 sides of the system. Service access requires a minimum clearance of 61 cm above the top and 61 cm to the right of the system. The power receptacle should be positioned 30.5 cm to 61 cm above the floor.
Operational Environment Temperature 18°C to 35°C
Humidity 10% to 85% up to 30°C ambient, linearly decreasing from 85% at 30°C to 70% at 35°C
Cart with Locking Wheels
73.3 cm
60.9 cm
88.8 cm
Weight 62 kg
Independent Monitoring System (IMS) Enables remote, independent monitoring of all processes and is available as an option
Barcode Reader Available as an option

Parts commonly associated with the Steris NX Sterilizer:

OEM Part #100798-02 (This kit DOES NOT include the catalytic converter)

OEM Part #28-53786-001
24 VDC; 2 Way N.C.; 6-1/2″ lg. wire leads with connector
Includes: (2) FKM gaskets
Included in: PM-2 Kit

OEM Part #40-52125-001
Rated at 900 VRMS
12″ lg. cable with connector
Includes: Ferrite suppression core
Included in PM-2 Kit

OEM Part #25-08560-001
Size: 2.90″ OD x 5″ lg.
Includes: (2) O-rings
Included in: PM-1 Kit

OEM Part #A1503; 25-51198-001
0.2 micron
Size: 2.60″ OD x 3.80″ lg.
Ports: 3/8″ FPT
75mm filter media capsule
Included in: PM-2 Kit

OEM Part #25-52153-001
Size: 19.30″ lg. x 2.84″ wide
Material: 45 PPI Uni-Foam, aluminum frame and stainless steel mesh
Included in: PM-2 Kit

OEM Part #22-00537-385
Size: 15.955″ ID x 16.375″ OD x .210″ C/S
Material: Black Viton, 75 duro
Included in: PM-2 Kit

OEM Part #25-50703-001
3 per package
0.2 micron, 25mm
Ports: Luer lock
Included in: PM-2 Kit

Note:  1st Place Medical is not in any way associated with the ASP company.  The ASP name, brand and Sterrad NX and any other product or company names mentioned on this page or others in no way implies any relationship with this organization.  This information is supplied simple as a resource.

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