1st Place Medical is the first place for you to look when you are looking for affordable medical equipment! Most of our customers are medical facilities or private practice physicians that are facing the challenge of balancing declining budgets with the continued need to provide exceptional patient care. We help our customers meet that challenge by providing high-end used hospital equipment at low prices.

1st Place Medical is a Florida medical equipment dealer specializing in used hospital equipment. We add new medical equipment inventory almost every week. We get our inventory from hospitals and surgical centers that are either updating to newer equipment or in some cases closing their facilities and seeking to sell their equipment. Hospitals typically have the budget to get the best grade of medical equipment for diagnosing a patient, monitoring a patient, or treating a patient. Their budgets also typically project a set amount of time for when that equipment will be replaced. Very often, the medical equipment still has many years of service left in it and often still has capabilities beyond the budget for smaller medical facilities. We make that equipment available to our customers at the best price available.

This means that you can buy medical equipment from us with the confidence of knowing that it was maintained by professional Biomed Techs. We are based in South Florida but we sell nationwide and sell a significant amount of used medical equipment to customers in South America and Central America.

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The South Florida Medical Industry As of June 2017

Business Trends in the South Florida Medical Industry

The South Florida region continues to be one of the most robust areas for the medical industry in the United States.  Florida is ranked 2nd among states for FDA registered medical device manufacturing facilities, including some of the nation’s most highly regarded research centers.  More than 1,100 biotech, pharmaceutical and …

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SPECIAL SALE: GE Procare 400 Vital Signs Monitor – $375

Florida GE Procare 400 For Sale

The GE Procare 400 Vital Signs Monitor is a very popular medical patient monitor that can be seen in many major hospitals throughout Florida and the nation.  We have multiple GE Procare Vital Signs Monitors available in our South Florida headquarters. Price: $375.00 each (Includes rolling stand) – Multiple units …

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SPECIAL SALE: Hospira Plum A+3 Triple Channel Infusion Pump

The Hospira Plum A+3 triple channel pump allows each channel to be programmed and run individually.  Delivery rates in include primary, secondary and concurrent.  The A+3 allows for a variety of delivery units including:  mL/hr, mcg/kg/min, mcg/min, mcg/kg/hr, cg/hr, mg/min, mg/kg/hr, mg/hr, ng/kg/min, g/hr, mEq/hr, Million units/hr, units/min, units/hr, units/kg/hr, units/kg/min, …

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