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Surgical Products – Electrosurgical Equipment

Electrosurgical equipment is used in surgery to perform precise surgical incisions with minimal blood loss.  Electrosurgical Generators are often referred to as Electrosurgical Units, or ESU.  Depending on the manufacturer and model, an ESU can have a variety of features such as monopolar and bipolar, low-wattage, high-frequency desiccators, and high-wattage vessel sealing units.

Florida Electrosurgical Equipment1st Place Medical offers a wide assortment of used & refurbished Electrosurgical equipment.  We get our inventory from major hospitals throughout the United States that have turned this equipment in to purchase newer equipment.  The equipment they turn in has been professionally maintained by the hospital’s manufacturer-trained Biomed Tech staff and is perfect for medical facilities that would like to have hospital-grade Electrosurgical equipment without paying hospital-grade prices.

Each piece of equipment received by 1st Place Medical is extensively tested for functionality and must pass all tests before being placed in our inventory.  Our inventory is constantly changing in our South Florida warehouse but the type of Electrosurgical equipment we often have available includes:

  • Valleylab Force Triad
  • Valleylab Force FX-C ESU
  • Valleylab Force FX
  • Valleylab Force 2 ESU
  • Valleylav Force EZ
  • Valleylab Ligasure Vessel Sealing
  • Stryker Crossfire
  • Bovie 940
  • Bovie 1200 ESU
  • Bovie Aaron 1250 ESU
  • Conmed Excalibur Plus
  • Conmed SABRE 2400 ESU
  • Conmed Beamer Mate Endoscopic
  • Conmed System 5000 ESU
  • Conmed System 7550
  • ERBE ICC 300
  • ERBE ICC 350
  • Ultracision Harmonic Scalpel Generator 300 Electrosurgical Unit

Common names for Electrosurgical equipment include Electrosurgical Generators, ESU, Dessicators and Hyfrecators.  1st Place Medical offers a wide assortment of ESUs and also offers Electrosurgical accessories such as patient electrodes, high-frequency handpieces and electrosurgical foot pedals.  Some equipment is referred to as Cautery equipment.  Other equipment used in conjunction with Electrosurgery includes Coagulators, Smoke Evacuators.

1st Place Medical is based in South Florida and sells Electrosurgical equipment nationally and worldwide.  If you have questions regarding available Electrosurgical equipment, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.