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SPECIAL SALE: GE Procare 400 Vital Signs Monitor – $375

Florida GE Procare 400 For Sale

The GE Procare 400 Vital Signs Monitor is a very popular medical patient monitor that can be seen in many major hospitals throughout Florida and the nation.  We have multiple GE Procare Vital Signs Monitors available in our South Florida headquarters. Price: $375.00 each (Includes rolling stand) – Multiple units …

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Article: Buying Used and Refurbished Endoscopy Equipment

There are several factors that need to be considered when buying used and refurbished endoscopy equipment in South Florida. There are obvious questions regarding equipment functionality and features that you might be concentrating on so much that you ignore some equally important but less obvious questions.  Consumables Accessories:  Does the …

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SPECIAL SALE: Stryker 350-800-001 FloSteady 150 Arthroscopy Pump


SStryker 350-800-001 FloSteady 150 Arthroscopy Pump in great condition.  This was taken from a working environment in a South Florida hospital and was professional maintained/PM’d since purchase from the manufacturer. SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $295.00 The Flosteady, Arthroscopy Pump was designed for optimal performance with ease of use for the surgeon …

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Article: What Is A Endoscope Light Source?

Article - What is a Endoscope Lightsource

What is an Endoscope Light Source? A Light Source is a separate light projector that generates light using powerful lamps; the light then exits at the sheath and illuminates the patient cavity to be inspected.  Light sources based on different technologies, power classes and equipment versions are supplied as a …

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Product Review: Zimmer ATS 3000 Tourniquet System

Zimmer ATS 3000 Tourniquet System is a dual-port, dual-cuff medical tourniquet system with microprocessor controls and dedicated ports for supplying and measuring pressure independently. Features include: Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) technology that senses, calculates and reports the cuff pressure necessary to achieve complete blood occlusion in the operative limb.  The system …

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Product Focus on Infusion Pumps

Infusion Pumps are medical devices that delivers fluids, such as nutrients and medications, into a patient’s body in controlled amounts. Because these devices are delivering fluids directly into a patient, there are obvious safety concerns that various manufacturers address in different ways.  As noted by the FDA, between 2005 and 2009 there …

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Product Review: Valleylab Force FX ESU

Florida Electrosurgical Equipment Valleylab Force FX

Valleylab Force FX Electrosurgical Unit from Valleylab provides cutting and coagulation in monopolar or bipolar outputs. Force 2s have audible and visual alarms, including REM™ Fault Indicator. The REM™ (Return Electrode Monitoring) is standard. 300 watts is available for output in the cut setting. A monopolar foot switch is included, …

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